Mental Notes.

10 to 1 Challenges

Doing this because I’m bored. Meh.

10 Facts about Yourself

1. I’m easily bored (as you can see)

2. I took up pole classes but gave up after a month because my teacher is such a bitch and she seems to dislike me. She doesn’t even assist me even if she sees that I’m already left behind everyone. UGH

3. I used to dance and if given the chance, I’ll definitely go back to dancing

4. I write for different websites but I can’t really seem to keep my momentum in writing whenever I feel sad (or depressed. really.)

5. I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and I take pills to have my regular mensies. It sucks, really, because my condition is kind of severe and there is a chance for me to not get pregnant in the long run… which is scary.

6. I’ve been in a relationship with Mark for almost seven years now. Huh.

7. When I first rode the ferris wheel, I actually cried my eyes out because I was extremely scared. I don’t like heights, and I don’t care if the view is breathtaking. The gondola is shaking like crazy and I feel like we’re about to fall in a couple of minutes.

8. Weirdly, despite my fear of heights, I am in love with the ride from EK called Anchor’s Away.

9. I love the sea. I am in love with the sea.

10. Contrary to my love for the beach, I do not know how to swim. Haha. #dead

9 Favourite Songs

I usually change it from time to time, but here’s the current ones that I enjoy listening to

1. Stay with Me - Sam Smith

2. Wonder What You’re Doing For The Rest of Your Life - Train

3. Lost Stars - Adam Levine

4. Up We Go - Lights

5. Rather Be (Cover) - Pentatonix

6. I See Fire - Ed Sheeran

7. Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High - Arctic Monkeys

8. Gun - Chvrches

9. Bang, Bang - Jessie J

8 Places You’d Love to Go to

1. London

2. Santorini, Greece

3. Paris, France

4. Berlin, Germany

5. Barcelona, Spain

6. Japan

7. El Nido, Palawan

8. Morocco

7 Things You Couldn’t Live Without

1. Cellphone

2. Laptop

3. Books

4. Food

5. Water 


7. Clothes

6 People Who Inspire You

1. Maya Angelou

2. Emma Watson

3. Ana Santos

4. Arriane Serafico

5. Pat Evangelista

6. Camie Juan

5 Favourite Girls Names 

1. Cassie

2. Scarlett 

3. Sophia

4. Olivia

5. Ruth

4 Favourite Boys Names

1. Mark :3

2. Miguel

3. Johann

4. Brent

3 Things You Like About Yourself

1. I can be ~pleasing~ and friendly if i wanted to

2. I can multitask

3. I sometimes think of the weirdest yet most brilliant ideas ever CHOS

2 Things You’re Looking Forward To

1. Having a bigger and better future for my small business

2. Getting married in a couple of years

1 Quote You Live By 

1. Don’t ever give up.

I think I’ve figured out the perfect dating app while I was showering. HAHA perfect talaga! LOL

Now I need a developer to work with and to make this something real… hehe charot